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Why Kickstarter to re-write 80s Football Manager?

I asked should I rewrite 80s Football Manager for modern mobile platforms, I got a yes, I started:


.. and I made good progress. But I realised I need to do this well, and have time to make it as much fun as the original. So I decided to try Kickstarter for support.

Once I started putting together the Kickstarter project I realised something else – I can make the Kickstarter project part of the game development! So I have made rewards to match, like

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.18.16

So you can become part of the game itself, on every copy. I thought that was a fun idea, and I hope people like it.

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New Season

New Season in the Premier League underway now. And more money is flooding in. The top clubs are getting richer and richer.  I experienced the America’s Cup yacht race in New Zealand. It was clear that it was a rich man’s plaything. Men with money to spend on whatever they wanted bought teams just for the fun of being part of it, and competing with each other.  Isn’t the Premier League the same now?