Play Football * Manager

The re-vitalisation of classics 80s Football Manager, by the original author.

*Available now for your mobile/laptop and as addictive as the original game

Get it for iPhone or iPad:

Get it for Android:

Get it for Kindle Fire:

Get it for Mac OS X :

Windows coming soon…..

..Plus the match highlights update:>>

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 20.26.07


What they say in reviews:

All in all a very good price for a well implemented classic for ios from the original author.
Sixteen P.
Loved this game on the ZX Spectrum 48k. and still love it now ….. on android. A truely great game. the simplest are the best
Michael B.
Still as much fun as it was 35 years ago 🙂
Fantastic however it’s made me late for work twice
Darren C.
Simple, yet addictive (just like the original was).  Looking forward to seeing it evolve as well.  Well worth a few quid 😃
David J.
Loved this game on the ZX Spectrum 48k. and still love it now ….. on android. A truely great game. the simplest are the best
Michael B.

How it was made and by whom:

I wrote the original Football Manager and many people loved it in the 1980s..

Football Manager from the early 80s
Football Manager from the early 80s
Football Manager Spectrum Player List
Football Manager Spectrum Player List

In late 2015, I suggested online that I could recreate it, but for mobiles. A year later it was done for iOS and Android, revitalised as Football Star Manager:

It is loved by many already, with lots of 5 star reviews from players and bringing back happy memories.  You can get the game now!:



Kindle Fire:

Mac OS X :

I wrote this elsewhere, I wonder what the next steps will be– “Here’s a little note for those of you who are wondering where this all came from. Autumn 2015 I suggested online I could re-create my original game for mobiles. I got such a supportive response to the idea I decided to go ahead. As I wrote the game I realised I still had the ability to create a game that was gripping, addictive, but easy to use. Like before the subtle complexity that gives the game its range and keeps you interested, does not show in the interface. It is quick and easy to play. On releasing it late last year I realised the benefit now, of doing updates, and I have done several since, as regular players will tell you, continuing to improve the game. Next is Spectrum style match highlights which will be a free addition and is an addition similar to the one I made to the original Football Manager in 1982. The difference this time? No loading times, plays on your mobile or laptop wherever you are, and I improve it step by step!”

A few comments from players of the game:

“Never played the original, but it doesn’t matter as this little gem of a game is truly superb. Better than other more complex football managers out there, especially the ones that require constant in-app purchases (I’m looking at you, Top Eleven). If you don’t care about fancy graphics, but pure entertainment, download it now! Plus the game’s author is promising exciting updates in a not so distant future!”
Luigi S.M
“I was up to 1am last night, still got that addictive quality”. – Alan S.
“Nostalgia Overload. Everything that made the original great is right here and it’s portable!”  5* – Davey S.
“Awesome Reminds me of playing this on my zx81 when me and my dad stayed up till midnight on Christmas day just to get promotion. Brill brings back so many memories. Thanks Mr Toms you are the Man”  –  Rob S.
“Back to childhood. Takes me right back to the 80s and long nights playing this on the ZX spectrum instead of doing homework.” – JPW
“Nostalgia at its best! Love the game, it takes me back about 30 years! Please remember to keep it simple. But as others mentioned a splash of colour would be nice or at least on option to play with a black background instead (for bedtime games).” 5* – Craig T.
“This is so playable and worth every single penny ! not bogged down with too many stats ,highly recommended !” – Johnny B.
“Fantasy Football Manager! Where else could you have Southend winning ‘The Cup’ and Dundee winning the European Cup! Absolute class and brings back memories of the old 48K Spectrum.” – Colin R.

The Colour up version – play in your team colours… Update (many more updates planned… ):

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39 thoughts on “Play Football * Manager

  1. Thank you so much, Kevin! You gave me back my teenage years. I wasted so much time playing your football manager games on my Commodore 64. And I’m going to waste another evening today. Thanks and all the best!


  2. I played this non stop on my ZX81 all those years ago. I’ve played hundreds of footy games since but this is still the best (for it’s time)!

  3. I loved playing Football manager, I too enjoyed endless days striving for success, in the end I won the league and F.A. Cup, it was the first game of its kind, and way ahead of its years, thank you.

  4. Kevin,

    Even to this day, I still play FM on an emulator on my phone. 25 years on and it still occupies my time.

    Fantastic stuff!

  5. For my friends and I Football Manager was crack cocaine. I spent many many hours glued to it and I’m sure my career in IT was nudged along by learning from your source code (sorry – wasn’t exactly hard to view!). Now, just when I am fit to return to society you have re-aquainted me with FM courtesy of the Speccy emulator. There goes the evening. Again…

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes, a few people have told me they learned from looking at the source code. You are right it was not hard to break in to to see. Interestingly that was because when I put the original game out piracy was not around! So, I did put some copy protection in but no significant, and it stayed that way. I guess also with the code being in Basic it was more manageable to look at and learn from.

  6. Hi Kevin

    many thanks for this, and also for bringing back teenage nostalgia via this excellent blog. I was interested to read about the development of FM. It was always the definitive football manager game in the 80s for the Spectrum although there were some other decent ones around a little later (Soccer Boss AKA The Boss & Advanced Soccer Simulator). It says a lot for FM, that these never really tested the sales and popularity of FM, at least to my mind. I have a friend who often says, even to this day; “Kevin Toms was a genius”.

    In fact, another feature of the game I really enjoyed (and me and friends found amusing) was to be able to change the team names, which me and my mate always did – to people in our school class or any other people we knew, even down to 80s Eastenders characters! I’m still smarting after being hammered 2-7 away at Ian Beale’s. It was always good to make up regional Leagues too. by changing the names.

    And a season took about an hour, which was great – 4 seasons in an evening after tea- better than waiting 6 weeks to finish one on the newer footie manager games.

    Overall , I am glad I found this blog site. I never play games on PC’s / Playstations etc, but I might be tempted with the online version. etc

    Once again, many thanks Kevin Toms.

  7. ‘Kevin Toms – Designer’ – You’re image and those words take me back. You’re a legend Kevin and my thanks go out to you for making my adolescence bearable! I hope you got paid shed loads of cash, mate!

  8. Some of the best times I had as a kid were playing FM on the Atari with my dad….we still have the old Atari and get your FM game out every now and then and the memories flood back. Thanks for all the great work you put in to keeping my childhood with my dad great fun 🙂

  9. Thanks Kevin for the many happy hours I spent trying to win the FA cup with Fulham , I suceeded once – that I can remember.
    I have played a few manager sims , on various machines since, but none can compare with your uncomplicated format .
    I feel that computer programs , along with life , has got too complicated.
    Thanks again , mate.
    Bob (the bus)

  10. Hi Kevin

    The best ever football manager game ever I played it on the spectrum 48+ had a printer to print off the leagues

    Thank you for my early memories of football management


  11. Dear Kevin,
    I would like to thank you for this game. I feel 30 years younger.
    Just a question: I don’t know how to save and reload the game? Is it possible to save a game?

  12. Hi Kevin,

    This was and is my favourite game of all time. Brilliant.

    You should re-release it for ps3 or Xbox.

    Thanks again


    P.S you used to have a beard right?

  13. Managing Wolverhampton Wanderers all the way to the FA Cup winners and First Division (now Prem League) winners is awesome. The playabiliy of this was brilliant. Kevin – yourself and if I may pay tribute to Mike Singleton who sadly died a couple of years ago (Lords of Midnight- Doomdarks Revenge) were my two favourite programmers.

  14. I played the BBC B version of Football Manager in my early 20s, and have tried to run it on a PC using a BBC emulator. sadly, I get the old BBC problem of the “bad program” message. Any ideas how I can get this version to work? I always found it more fun than the Spectrum version you have online…

  15. Thanks for one of the best games of my childhood. Played it again last night on an emulator, still has that ‘just one more match’ compulsiveness – has aged better than any other game on the BBC-B. Those teletext graphic match highlights curiously remain as thrilling as ever, particularly when you have a lead and your team’s under the cosh..!

  16. Best game ever I once play for 6 days solid can’t get it for my amstrad 464 any wear gutted hoped that it will be available

  17. Foolishly, I blamed the Collyer’s for my addiction. Having seen this it all came flooding back – Football Manager was my first love!

    Kevin, thanks to you, I ended up writing books on fictional managers and then, many years later, ended up becoming the director of a Spanish football club because of, yes, my results with them on a football management sim.

    I don’t know whether to thank you or send you the bill for my therapy 😉

    Good luck with the crowdfunding sir!

  18. Can’t wait for this on my android phone. I’ve still played using a Spectrum emulator, and even had my three children start ☺

  19. Hi Kevin, been a fan of you on Facebook for a while (posted a long time ago about my experiance when I was younger staying up all night with my dad playing the original football manager) and I have only just seen you are re-writing the original. I’ve read the manual, and I’m excited by some of the new features!!! I’ve signed up a now to your mailing list, so can’t wait for the iOS beta invite and looking forward to giving some feedback 🙂

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