1980s, Football Manager

99 to continue

Rewriting my original 80s Football Manager is both a challenge and a pleasure. This is a multi-platform development unlike Kevin Toms Football for iOS, the game I released a couple of months ago. And I am still developing that game, adding new features. It’s a different game even though the subject is the same. There is plenty of scope for my creativity with both games.

I am a couple of screens in now to the rewrite and having fun with it.

99 to continue from here….


1980s, Football Manager

To Beard or not To Beard that is the question!

So I am starting a project to rewrite my 80s Football Manager for Android, iOS, Windows Phone etc etc. I wrote the original on many formats, and I am often reminded by people about my beard from the adverts, asking if I still have it:


But now I look like this:


.. on a good day 🙂

So, the question is,

Do I need to re-grow my beard to re-write the game??  🙂

Fantasy Premier League

That Bloody Bird!

Bad Managerial Decisions .Premier League? No. Myself in the FPL. I spent several minutes deciding on buying Calum Wilson last week. Decided not to to save 300,000. Cost me 15 points! Every goal he scored was great for Bournemouth and rubbed salt into my mistake 🙂

Moved up, but not as much as I could have as a result. And I would not have lost to David Kelly’s Rod Hull FC if I had bought Wilson 😦

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 08.28.26

Kevin Toms Football

My Games Career relaunch, in August :)

Kevin Toms Football is out on the App Store.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 23.07.2015 16.15.46
Kevin Toms Football on the App Store

This is my first new game in a long time, and it was fun to write, more so over time. So my enthusiasm to continue games development is high and is a return to my roots creating Football Manager. From August on I will be spending most of my time enhancing, and updating Kevin Toms Football. This is a relaunch into writing games for me 🙂

Football Manager inlays 2 colours and full colour
Football Manager inlays 2 colours and full colour
Kevin Toms Football

Kevin Toms Football – renaming the game, why?

Why rename a game from Football Team Coach to Kevin Toms Football? That is what I did with release 1.0.1 of the game on iOS. Firstly, several people told me they could not find the game on the App Store. As far as I can see now, all you have to is search for my name, Kevin Toms, and you find it. http://bit.ly/KTFUK1, So that is a plus. Secondly, a number of people said I should identify myself more closely with the game, like I did on the original Football Manager. I still strongly believe in the principles that drove me to do that. So it was an easy decision. As Jeff Minter @llamasoft_ox said, it is the naming equivalent of adding the floating head! Lol!


Football Manager, Software Development and Delivery

The Story of the Football Manager painting

I posted a photo of the Football Manager painting used for the original inlay cover of Football Manager in 1982. A lot of you enjoyed the nostalgia of seeing the painting, and I thought it would be good to write about how it was created.
At the time the game had only 2 colour printed inlays.
I went to W.H. Smith head office in London to talk about them stocking the game. The buyer insisted I had to add full colour inlays to the game. I agreed to this. At the time I had no car, and was still doing a full time day job. I contacted a local printers in Bletchley, Milton Keynes where I lived. To go to see the printers about creating this inlay, I had to take two hour lunch breaks and head in by bus and back. I had an image in mind for the cover, the F.A.Cup, combined with player action in front of it. So I described that to the artist and he produced it. I was uncertain on choice of colour so two were created, one with the gold FA Cup, as in the photo, and one with a silver version. I still like the gold best.
So the artist produced it. It was combined with the text and the full colour Football Manager inlay came into being. Then I could get the whole thing duplicated for stocking in W.H. Smiths.
Interestingly in the first couple of months the game was stocked in W.H. Smith, the sales were much more than my then annual salary, and for the first time I could think about giving up my day job!!
The painting
Football Manager original painting for cover
Football Manager original painting for cover
The inlays
Football Manager inlays 2 colours and full colour
Football Manager inlays 2 colours and full colour