Not blogging enough.

Kevin Toms you are not blogging often enough, you need to improve!

I am giving myself my own report :). I have plenty to say, I just need to say it. At present Football Star* Manager is on Version 3 of the match highlights. They have overall been a step up of the game and people are enjoying it.

The other thing I am getting now is regular reports of people playing hundreds of seasons of the game. It has staying power! 🙂


Football Star Manager

Match Highlights made in.. 4 countries!

The Match Highlights addition to the game, has been very much liked by players.

Picture 187

They were written over a few months and ended up being developed in 4 countries! I started them while I was still living in New Zealand. Then I made a trip to the UK. During that journey I was in Los Angeles for a few days. In my hotel room, I did more work on the Match Highlights.

Next was the UK, where I spent a couple of months in Devon. That time was focused on the Match Highlights, and layer by layer I was building the player intelligence and making it more fun.

Finally I relocated to Canada, where I now live, and the Match Highlights were completed, and further updated. So the

Match Highlights addition to Football Star* Manager… 

Built in New Zealand, U.S.A, England, and Canada! 🙂



Kaizen- Continuous Improvement of a game

I work on developing Football Star Manager, from experience, and also with a development philosophy. Based on Kaizen, the Japanese continuous improvement approach used famously by car manufacturers.

I know plenty about Agile development, having led Agile software development teams and trained and mentored in the approach. It converges on Kaizen in my view. One of the things about Agile is frequent small improvements, and plenty of support systems to make that work.

When I have told people I will regularly update the game, and I do, what I am really talking about is continually improving it, in small steps. Players who have had the game a long time will know this, and it has been commented on.

There is an associated piece which can be difficult, and that is to maintain the robustness of the game, when making so many small changes. So far I have succeeded with that.

So the Kaizen, the continuous improvements to the game, will continue, as it is a basic philosophy of software development for me.

Picture 25


Football Star Manager, Match Highlights

Match Highlights and More

A lot has happened since my last post. I spent months working on the Match Highlights for the game. I knew this was an important upgrade which I did for free, and many, many players are enjoying this change. I like it myself, and with a V2.1 update made it even better with skilful, dribbling  runs and shots. All good.

Picture 106

I have much more I want to do yet. I have managed to keep myself aligned to maintaining the straightforward, no clutter gameplay. At the same time I am enhancing the game continually with updates. Each of these is prioritised on “Does it boost the gameplay, the fun, in the game?”.

Now, I am at the stage where I need some extra funding to keep this going, so I have started an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to do that. Here it is.

Another things I have achieved is to align all 5 platforms of the game and give them all the Match Highlights. Android, iOS, Windows, Kindle Fire and Mac OS X

> You can get all versions of the game at this link


Football Star Manager, Kevin Toms

Great Escape, Skill Level 6.

I was playing as Torquay, Skill level 6, 2nd to highest skill level, but I was battling, bottom of the first division 2 games to go! Critical match against Norwich who are second from bottom.


4-0 up then aargh!.. Still bottom:


Great win away to Man City who are second:



Sweating now on the last match:


Lewandaowski gets me a win, but nothing is certain:


Made it! Avoided relegation on a 2 goal goal difference advantage.

Season 17 on the way, a little money in the bank. No debts… 🙂 img_2009



Football Star Manager

Only me… :)

I am very happy that so many people are enjoying Football Star Manager and enjoying the memories it brings of the original Football Manager I wrote 34 years ago. That game, original Football Manager,  is static, a point in time, this isn’t. The joy of apps is updates. So far I have done 3 since release end of October 2016. I believe in continuous improvement.  I listen to constructive criticism and feature requests and each release will add more. I am working on the next release now, and the graphics option update, which will come later, is ongoing work too.

One constraint though. I will not harm the simple UI. – That is key to the pace and ease of play and fun. Adding detail that does not add to the game play will not happen! 🙂




Graphics, Football Star Manager V1.2.0 and all that..


Here’s a shot I made a long time back when I was thinking about the rewrite. I decided to create a new version of the original game which started on the ZX81 and TRS80 format. The game is really being enjoyed by lots of people. It does not have the graphics, similar to the photos, but that is not a permanent decision.

Firstly many versions of Football Manager, my original game, NEVER had graphics, Acorn Electron, Commodore Plus 4, Vic 20 for example. And the players were very happy. The “Stick men”.. “3D”.. graphics shown here were an add on I made when I adapted the game to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum late in 1982. The original game was launched in January 1982.

Football Star Manager will go through a similar evolution! 🙂

I am going to add an option to have match highlights but it will be an option, not everybody thinks it is better so everyone will have a choice!

Before I start on that I have version 1.2.0 in progress which will be ready in a few weeks and has a few good changes.