FSM Tips

FAQ: 2 questions answered

Q: Will the “3D” graphic match action be added to the game?

A: Later this option is planned but it will take me a while so no date is scheduled yet.

Q: Will it be possible to customise teams/player names?

A: Yes, later, but I am looking at how best to do that. However, right now in the current game, you can customise your team name and all of the competition names.


Morale Boost

This is an option you can use twice per season. The first time you use it, it is stronger in effect typically (but not always) than the second time. It’s there for you to use strategically when you think it is most needed. It corresponds to taking the players on a short holiday break or anything else that boosts morale. But you can’t keep doing it! 🙂

Transfer Values when you are promoted

When you are promoted your existing team will retain the value of the players from the lower division. However once your players have survived a season in the higher division, and therefore proved they can succeed in the new division,  their values will recalibrate to the new division and typically increase in value! It’s a way to increase your team wealth!

The 99  to Continue option

This is a fun option particularly requested by former Sinclair owners. It is triggered by pressing the small 99- on the This Week screen. It’s a toggle, that will change the Continue button to 99 to Continue. Just for nostalgia! 🙂

Play as your Favourite Team

If you don’t spot your favourite team in the list, no matter, you can change the name of the team you picked, and at any time by choosing the Customise menu in the This Week screen, then tapping on the name of your team to customise it.

Players Age

Unlike the original 1982 version players age in this game. The thing to watch out for is typically when a player is over 30 he is more likely to retire. You will not get any money for him when he retires. For that reason you could sell players when they age. However you will then need to replace them with younger players. Younger players cost more, and you need them to come up for sale. Up to you how you manage all this!


There is sound, if you play the match on silent it will be less obvious that something is happening! The sound off option also allows you to play the music on your mobile in the background while playing the game.


In the cup matches replays occur right away. The match will repeat until a winner is decided. This is similar to the original game.

Team Ratings

The comparison of your team’s ratings to the opponents will indicate your chance of winning the match. Occasionally the weakest team will win as in real football, but nothing is predetermined it all happens as you watch!

Defensive or attacking?

This is more a way of managing your risk when playing. You can balance your team against your opponent. If you choose a team where you match closely your opponent’s team ratings it is more likely to be a low scoring game. If there are big differences goals are more likely. So do you try to match, or be strong in one area at the cost of weakness elsewhere? Your choice of tactic!

Bidding for players

It’s a risk reward gamble. Bidding higher increases your chance of getting the player, but costs you more as once you have the player his value will drop to his original rating. Bidding lower reduces your chances of getting the player. You can even bid the lowest offer and get the player, but it is even less likely. Each bid after the player’s value changes is fresh. Your previous bid has no impact on the new bid. The only impact is the player’s valuation. If you miss a bid a player will increase in value by varying amounts.