World Cup 2010, World Cup Football

England victory against Germany in the World Cup

– That is what will happen later. Chances are by the odd goal, or maybe 2. Not penalties this time I think, although everybody seems to be obsessed with it. I think the current England team does not remember much of that past.

My hotel was full of very quiet Americans last night. Very unusual, quiet Americans!!

World Cup 2010, World Cup Football

New Zealand’s Achievement

New Zealand’s achievement of finishing above Italy in the World Cup and not losing a match in the finals is a great step forward for football in New Zealand which has been growing for some time now.

An interesting point is I remember looking at New Zealand’s rating in the FIFA world rankings about 10 years ago. They were 132nd at the time. Like Fiji is now. They have come a long way!

World Cup 2010, World Cup Football

Capello Brilliant leadership – England will win

The way Capello handled Terry’s outburst was controlled, brilliant leadership. He showed he was in charge and emphasised the importance of the group over individuals. He pulled the team tighter together and showed a steady hand in crisis. This will have calmed the nerves of players and allowed him to take the responsibility for the problems from them.

This WILL pay off against Slovenia and England will win.

World Cup 2010, World Cup Football

No suffering watching the Kiwis

I suffered watching England in the middle of the Hong Kong night.  Then I had the joy of not having to be up at night to watch New Zealand play Italy. New Zealand time it was starting at 2am. But I watched it in London at a great sports bar with giant screens. The best way. The Kiwis raised their game again, and deserved the draw against the odds. It was heroic football, and they could have won it even. We have seen a lot in New Zealand of Ricki Herbert who also coaches the Wellington Phoenix who play in the Australian A league. And they have been getting amazing average 17,000 attendances which is better than many UK clubs.

With the New Zealand team, it’s a combination of great team organisation and tremendous team spirit! -Something the big teams could learn from with their temperamental stars.

World Cup 2010, World Cup Football

Hong Kong England World Cup no no!

So I was on a stopover in Hong Kong. Just time to catch up some sleep after the flight from New Zealand. A chance to feel fresher before the second leg to London. The sleep was important. But, in the middle of the Hong Kong night, about 3 am, England were due to play Algeria. If I watched it my sleep would be 3 hours, then the football, then 1 hour before traveling again.

Any other team and I would have been grateful for the sleep. But it was England in the World Cup. So I set an alarm, and struggled awake to watch it live.

To watch what? Probably the most frustrating, boring and disappointing England game I have seen in many years!

I should have stayed asleep.

Football, World Cup 2010

Messi + Argentina = World Cup Winners = …No

Messi is a great player. The team has the talent, but Maradona does NOT have the coaching experience. In the rarefied atmosphere of the World Cup, particularly when it is past the group stages, this will tell.

The winners will have talent, the winners will have great teamwork, but they will also have brilliant managerial tactics, when it counts..