Football Manager rewrite- Torquay’s great escape

Rewriting the original Football Manager has been a pleasure and fun. Playing it is even better. I talk about the experience of playing because this is what the game is all about, how it feels when you play.

I was playing as Torquay United, in the second division, to get there I had clocked up a lot of debt, about 80 million towards the end of the season. I deliberately cut back on and sold players to reduce the debt, and it was working, but at the expense of team performance. A 4-3 defeat at Blackburn pushed me down to bottom place with just 1 game to go!


My last match was against Newcastle. I scraped together all my best players and sweated it out. I had to win, 0-0 for a long time then close to the end…

IMG_1052What a relief!


I really felt the stress. If I had been relegated with so much debt, I would have been fired as Manager. Now I have another season to build. This is what the game is all about ๐Ÿ™‚

The beta is not far away and it will give you a chance to feedback on the design and content of the game. If you are not already signed up join my mailing list to take part:ย bit.ly/ktmail






Real Player names, Real Team Names

I often get asked about using real team and player names in my games, my Football Management games. Originally, way back in 1982, when I started doing this with the first Football Manager, there was no issue with this. Nobody cared about it from the licence owners ..

But, even then in the original Football Manager I included a customise capability, so you can modify the game to include your favourites.


And, in my recent game, Kevin Toms Football on iOS I included it too.

4670485030200 CustomiseTeamNames

You can expect a tool to do this in every game I write, so you will always have access to your favourite team and player names.


17 days to go… Phew!… etc

The Kickstarter for the rewrite of my original 80s Football Manager has 17 days to go and 90% still to raise. It’s going to be a sweat to succeed but I will try!

I did an update video which also shows a demo of the game work in progress.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.11.10


I am going to keep updating during these remaining Kickstarter days. It is a new experience for me, but if it works, it will get the rewrite done, and that is worth a go! ๐Ÿ™‚







Sepp Blatter is innocent of course

I am sure Sepp Blatter is innocent, I am sure it is not true that the only reason he has remained president of FIFA is because of verbal threats to the various regional Football Associations that if they did not vote for him, they might find their funding allocation affected. I am sure that isn’t true. I am sure that he is repeatedly re-elected even though he is quite old now, because there are no other candidates better suited to the job. I am sure what keeps him in place is simply his energy, hard work, and … graft ๐Ÿ™‚


Football Team Coach Beta 3 released

I released the Beta 3 version of the game yesterday. This version looks better, plays better and has a number of improvements and bug fixes. It was good to be able to respond to suggestions as well as bugs found in beta so far.

The second part that was good was a sense of progressing the game. I wanted to be able to do this, to evolve a game whilst people are playing it, and this is happening. So Beta 3 is out there, I will look at the feedback and the progress continues ๐Ÿ™‚



Football Team Coach beta is a beginningย 

It’s been a long haul getting Football Team Coach to beta. People might think this is me coming to the completion of it. But for me it is not an end at all. It’s a beginning. I have a lot of improvements in mind for the game over time, and now I can talk to people about it. This is a fresh start with a new game. Not an end.