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When you watch Premier League football, you are probably focused on the team you are following, getting excited and frustrated at how they are playing. I see something else and I notice it a lot. There are plenty of great players in the league, and they don’t always play well. But, a lot of the time players are really competitive, working hard on the pitch to make their skills count. And we see some great skill at times. I guess what I am saying is that on the pitch, they are less prima donnas than they are sometimes off it!

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3 points for a win

It’s a long time ago, about 15 years worldwide I think, since the move was made to 3 points for a win. I can remember, and it makes sense, that playing for a draw, especially away from home, was more worth it under 2 points for a win.

But managers still steer their teams to do that, of course. – Especially against strong opposition where the chances of winning are low, and the strategy of pack the defence and rely on a goal on the break are still common. Would 4 points for a win make a difference? 🙂

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Great part of season – promotion and relegation

I love this part of the Football season, when promotion and relegation is decided. It’s always fun to do the maths, work out what could happen, then deal with the reality. – Like yes, Hull could remain in the Premier League if they win their last 2 matches and West Ham lose theirs, possible, but, Hull will need to win 6-0 and 7-0 say and West Ham lose 6-0 twice. It’s possible, and if you are Hull fan you might still hang on to that possibility!

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Avram Grant – running Portsmouth

I was just reading his comments about being prevented from buying players, and well, really, having failure forced upon the team. They are strange rulings in their effects- deducting points and preventing the transfers of players as a way of punishing teams in financial trouble. They are strange because, whilst there has to be some punishment, these rules seem designed to make matters worse.

Forcing a club down the table by deducting points, (and even forcing relegation), which reduce a club’s income, sponsors and attendances, creates a vicious circle which digs them into worse financial trouble.

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Celtic, Rangers and the Premier League

This has been rejected by the Premier League. It is something that often comes up. No other clubs besides these 2 have won the Scottish League for 24 years! Basically, it’s like having Chelsea and Manchester United permanently playing in League One. When you realise that, you have to have sympathy with the Old Firm. There’s a lack of real competition and a lack of revenue.

It’s a problem for all of the big clubs across Europe. They are all businesses, and their aim is to make the maximum profit. They get that most by playing other big teams. So the best thing for their success and prosperity is a European league of the big clubs and to leave their national competitions. Celtic and Rangers would join that in an instant. But there is a problem that comes from this..

..It’s the problem that afflicts the Premier League. Once you get into that top competition your club makes the most money and gets bigger. And the same is true for the other 19 clubs. So you have 20 successful businesses together and if they leave that league they will lose a lot of money. So much so that the Premier League provides parachute payments to soften the blow.

So what is the problem then? The teams inside the Premier League want to pull up the ladder and keep the competition for themselves, banning promotion and relegation. Of course they want that, it is best for their businesses. But it is not best for Football. It’s only the Football Association and FIFA that are preventing this happening. The clubs would do it given the chance. Probably a closed Premier League, then a European League, then a World League. And only the top clubs in it and barriers to entry from smaller clubs.

Promotion and relegation is what makes league competitions so much fun, and it needs to be preserved. Without relegation from top leagues the top clubs will become slack because they have nothing to fear.

But, maybe a real European League, as the next step above the National Leagues, with promotion and relegation, is the way the future will go.

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New Season

New Season in the Premier League underway now. And more money is flooding in. The top clubs are getting richer and richer.  I experienced the America’s Cup yacht race in New Zealand. It was clear that it was a rich man’s plaything. Men with money to spend on whatever they wanted bought teams just for the fun of being part of it, and competing with each other.  Isn’t the Premier League the same now?