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8-2 Arsene Wenger is a worry

Seems I was right to be worried about Arsene Wenger. He does look like a man up against it. It’s a tough road when it looks like your failing whilst running one of the best teams in the country. It looks like your failing even though you built it.

I think maybe a bit more positive thinking is needed. But, that won’t come from the press!!

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I am worrying about Arsene Wenger

He is looking angry and frustrated too often. He has done great work at Arsenal, but maybe feels he should have won more. But, he needs to relax, man!

That stress gets through to players…

Or… he could try Alex Ferguson’s approach, just look relentlessly grumpy and no-one can tell what is going on.

(Not the most relaxing job, Football Manager!)

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You gotta admire Carlos Tevez

The man is hugely talented as a footballer, yes, but he is also a great leader of men, albeit now on the football pitch. What really sets him apart in my mind is his open sense of humanity. He displays passion and dedication but also cares about his children and is prepared to change his life for that.

If he doesn’t end up in some leadership role in business, football, or politics after football, I will be surprised.

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Would it make football better?

Would it make football better if the rich clubs did not have so much control? They can buy the best players and collect the ingredients of a great team, just through the money they have. This could be changed, easily by the governing bodies. It could be evened out with a draft like system.

But, do we like the concentration of talent in top clubs, so we get displays like Barcelona against Manchester United? Do we want the talent spread around? Top players get the best out of themselves when they are challenged by equal talent around them.

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You can’t get a black coffee at Old Trafford!

It was just over a week ago, I had my ticket for the match. I had traveled in total nearly 13,000 miles in getting there. So I was in the stadium at Old Trafford. I was cold, I had been living in a place as warm as Spain, and it was a cold Manchester day. I went to the counter for food and drink. I asked for a black coffee. “We don’t sell black coffee” the man said. (I am allergic to milk so I have to have black). But, there was another seller on the other side. They also had an automatic coffee machine. “Black coffee please” I said.
“We don’t sell black coffee” he replied flatly.
“But there is a button on your machine there saying ‘Black coffee’ ” I said.
“We don’t sell black coffee” he stated firmly.

There was nowhere else to buy. I was cold, and there were no options but water. My nephew was laughing by this time – “You’re back in England now!” he said, very amused.

I stood for a while feeling fed up at feeling so cold. I was acclimatised to warmth and I didn’t fancy a couple of hours on the terraces feeling that cold. I noticed a couple of Old Trafford stewards standing nearby. “I can’t get a black coffee here, they don’t sell it here, right?”

“What?” one of them said. “I tried all the places”. So in disbelief they went and checked. They came back. “You’re right!” they said. Then one of them said- “I’ll get you one from the Stevenage side, you can’t go through but I’ll get one.”

Good service after all I thought. My nephew is dying at this point with laughter at this all.

A few minutes later the steward came back. “Right give me the 2 pounds and I’ll get it for you”. So I gave him the 2 pounds. I was going to get my elusive coffee.

5 minutes or so he came back again. He held the 2 pounds out to me. “They don’t do it!” he said. He looked beaten.

So I froze for the whole match, nothing to warm up with at half time. I was near hypothermic and shivering.


(It’s not that weird a drink!)

(My nephew is still laughing about this)

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How much did Arsene Wenger lose it?

Arsene Wenger has looked strained, frustrated, angry. If I saw someone at work like that I would say they are having troubles at home. A Football Manager is the leader of his team, he is there to inspire. It was years ago now that Kevin Keegan lost his cool in the title run in and his team didn’t make it.

The question is, does it rub off on the players? Do they get more nervous? Do they feel more pressured and make more mistakes like anyone under pressure and stress at work.

Was it time to give the players a break, take them away to the sun for a couple of days, and get some life perspective? If you think that winning is not the most important thing, are you more likely to win?

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6 hours of football

I just watched about 6 hours of football from the Premier League. It’s good to see how competitive it all is, with top flight managers and players straining to be at the top of their game, straining to win, or survive.

People say the footballers are overpaid and not committed, but when I watch these matches, and see the players’ effort and battling attitude, I can’t see that at all.

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You gotta feel sorry for Arsene Wenger

So you are the manager of one of the best club teams in the world. Not only do you have a great squad of footballers, but you also have a great backroom team of professionals supporting them.
Like any business, you know the rules, the framework of the environment you work within and you prepare accordingly.
Then with one excessively strict reaction by a referee whose job it is to enforce the rules, Robin van Persie gets send off and the game is changed. And there is no appeal, no correction. In fact if you complain you get punished.
I was trying to think of an analogy. -If you got a tax bill that was high and unfair due to an overly strict tax official, at least you would have a chance to appeal.

Having to pay a price even though you know it’s wrong, with no right of appeal to change what happened- that’s hard to swallow.