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Goal Scoring ecstasy

I saw a Manchester City fan interviewed on TV. He was not a young guy. He said when Yaya Touré scored the first goal against Newcastle it was the best moment of his life. I thought to myself “I hope he’s not married with kids’, because I can imagine his wife’s questions about their lives after seeing it- “What about us, getting married, having children?” etc. 🙂

But, watching the match, when they showed the fans after Manchester City scored, they were truly, intensely, ecstatic. – More than the usual at a goal being scored.

Clearly not only were they massively relieved, they also could see it coming true, that they would no longer be in the shadows of Manchester United and could actually win their first league title in 44 years.

I don’t blame them, I would react the same!

I also think Mancini was clever with his pronouncements that Manchester City could not win it, until after this match, he was saying that. It struck me as a good way to motivate star players who have everything they want, to prove him wrong.

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Cup, Bugs and Balotelli

Dealing with some bugs in the cup matches. Mostly it is working just some fixtures are not doing what they should do. I’ll have this sorted soon, but I’ll have to adjust another part of the program so that they work better together. Then there is one more big functional piece to do and lots of rats and mice things to complete. So it goes on…

Balotelli was interesting to watch this weekend from the point of view of man management. He can be a match winner, but now he is being immature and reckless, even dangerous to other players. Mancini is giving up on him for now, saying he won’t play him. -Best idea as he is now disruptive to the team itself, team discipline, and team morale.

How do you control him and get the best out of him? Quite a man management problem.

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Tottenham Hotspur Nerve

Of course they lost it, a bit, it was to be expected. Great though that it is a 4 way race now, with Chelsea still in touch, it’s going to be an exciting season at the top of the Premier League. Arsenal, Newcastle, Liverpool, can still catch up, but realistically it’s unlikely that the 4 leading teams will all stumble by 12 points, so I think it is down to the top 4 now.

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Tottenham Hotspur Champions

The style of play, the positive attitude, the very astute manager, the continuous good form. – There are a lot of things that point to Spurs becoming champions this year. It seems unlikely only because Manchester United are so established and Manchester City are so rich in players.

But Spurs have been building to this for a long time, and it’s only the points table that now highlights it, so people are talking about it.

Personally I think they have the best chance to win it. They only have to hold their nerve!!

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Alex Ferguson Anger Management

Not everybody handles anger well, and I was reflecting on Alex Ferguson’s success. It always strikes me that he often seems angry, and he is well known for his “hair dryer” dressing downs of players at half time. – Another expression of anger.

Yet he is very successful. So he could be an example of expressing anger in a very positive way, like using anger at losing to drive for success. Anger can be destructive, but it can also lead to determination and drive to correct and improve. Maybe that is what Alex Ferguson depicts so well.

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Clever Fergie

The Biggest Club Game in World Football- he said. And he pointedly ignored the upcoming game against Man City by saying that. Is it clever though? Often Managers and coaches wind up opponents. But, managers also get better results by winding up their players so they perform with more fire, more determination.

So the question is, was Fergie being clever winding up the City players, indirectly? Does this mind game work? We shall see.

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Do you remember free football?

There was a time when you could watch top flight football from the UK on normal TV. BBC and ITV. No satellite subscriptions, you didn’t have to go to a pub to watch. When you saw news items about a match, they showed the action, – they weren’t barred from doing that.

Is it better now? Did the money that poured in from exclusive licensing of TV coverage make football better? What have we gained? In Germany the local communities, the fans, own the clubs. Isn’t that the way it should be. Isn’t it the fans that count in the end?

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F*&#ing transfer window!

– I am sure that is the way many managers talk about it. An artificial pressure and rush. Brinkmanship by players and agents to extract more money, and no time to get the strategy right.

Does it really help as intended? I doubt it, it’s just created different problems.

I’d abolish it.