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My iPhone/iPad Football Manager type game 83 – Managers get smarter

The managers have got smarter. Not sure about real life, has Arsene Wenger made the right choice to try another season for example? But in the game they have. I have been adding to that. I also know what the piece is that is missing, what it is that I need to change. So there is more to do but the game gets qualities that are faster, higher, stronger 😉
Olympic doughnuts - get fat and fit! :)

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Alex Ferguson Anger Management

Not everybody handles anger well, and I was reflecting on Alex Ferguson’s success. It always strikes me that he often seems angry, and he is well known for his “hair dryer” dressing downs of players at half time. – Another expression of anger.

Yet he is very successful. So he could be an example of expressing anger in a very positive way, like using anger at losing to drive for success. Anger can be destructive, but it can also lead to determination and drive to correct and improve. Maybe that is what Alex Ferguson depicts so well.

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I have written a few games, and they are all management games. I could have written arcade games, or other types of games, but I chose management games. It’s the range of possibilities that holds my interest. Management games are about managing people and resources. Managing in real life is about managing people and resources. I have done it myself and I have met many good, and many bad managers in my time. Some of their characteristics are worth looking at …