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How much did Arsene Wenger lose it?

Arsene Wenger has looked strained, frustrated, angry. If I saw someone at work like that I would say they are having troubles at home. A Football Manager is the leader of his team, he is there to inspire. It was years ago now that Kevin Keegan lost his cool in the title run in and his team didn’t make it.

The question is, does it rub off on the players? Do they get more nervous? Do they feel more pressured and make more mistakes like anyone under pressure and stress at work.

Was it time to give the players a break, take them away to the sun for a couple of days, and get some life perspective? If you think that winning is not the most important thing, are you more likely to win?

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Blow your own trumpets you Brits!

The Brits can be a bit shy about selling their achievements. They don’t like to blow their own trumpets as they say. Well bear this in mind, the Brits can blow their own trumpets so quietly, that other countries don’t hear anything at all.

Check out Americans and Australians. They know how to blow their own trumpets loud enough for people to hear.

Times are tough now in the UK, so now might be the time to look at the good stuff and tell the world about it. There is plenty to be proud of.

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New Zealand is a beautiful earthquake ridden country

New Zealand is a very beautiful country, with extensive stunning scenery. And it has a climate that is much better than most Europeans seem to know, like Spain with more rain.

But, we are on an earthquake fault line and we get a lot of earthquakes, hundreds each year. They are often noticeable but not strong. Wellington, the capital is so much on a fault line that the parliament itself is on rubber feet. We have some of the best earthquake resistant technology in the world, and building codes ensure earthquake proof building. The September earthquake in Christchurch was big but damage to people was limited by it being early morning.

Today’s Christchurch earthquake was quite different. It was lunchtime, people were filling the streets and buildings. Hence so much injury and loss of life. Plus the buildings were already weakened.

What you don’t realise from the outside is how bad it has been since the first quake in Christchurch. Apart from all of that damage there have been many many aftershocks. People’s nerves are constantly rattled. It stresses people enormously. The ground you are standing on is no longer safe.

This one will force many people to leave what was a beautiful garden city. They will not feel safe anymore. It’s sad to see and it’s close for us here. It’s nine hours from the earthquake now and many survivors will spend the night trapped in buildings.

Reports are that many people are leaving the city saying they have had enough.

I admire the bravery of the rescuers and my sympathy is with the victims and their families.

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Concentration on Design

What’s the best place to work? – The most concentrated and productive? For some people it’s a quiet room. I have known developers who could only work at night, because then it was quiet and no distraction. Bad habit though, more suited to vampires, sleeping during the day, no sunlight, skin going pale…

Myself, it’s coffee shops. I like to work with my laptop in a place where there are people milling around. I like people around, life.

It has led to some odd situations though, caused by people thinking I was looking at them when all I could see were the pictures in my head, the pictures of whatever I was working on and thinking about at the time, but my eyes were looking at them!

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Man City 131 Man U 31

I just watched Alex Ferguson talking about Kamikaze transfer fees distorting the transfer market. Manchester City have apparently spent 131 million which is 100 million more than Manchester Utd. How time have changed! Who’s got the most money now?

This has been going on for decades, I can remember when the 1 million pound figure was a breakthrough for a player. Trevor Francis was it? But now, football is such a big sport it’s an ego trip for very rich people, like America’s cup yachts. It’s little to do about being able to get a return on the investment. I think Real Madrid has always run this way?

Ferguson is right it is Kamikaze from a business point of view. But if you are so rich it is toy you are playing with, you are happy to throw the money away. It’s like the average man betting 20 pounds on his team winning on a Saturday. He can afford it if they don’t and it is more fun.

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Football Managers are Stars

I was watching a programme about the up and coming season and which teams might do well in the various leagues around Europe. It’s amazing how much time is spent on the individual football managers, their character, style, achievements and ability to create success. These days some of them (Mourinho..) are publicity machines themselves.

Really Football Managers are now stars, celebrities themselves. How big a star they are is just related to how big the club is they manage.

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Spain and Portugal then no football

2 days with no World Cup coming up. I’ll have to start living a normal life again. Well not quite normal because I am living in a hotel for several weeks. So far all work and my only spare time was football or recovering from jet lag. I am not often in London these days so I am thinking what should I do in the time here, to make the most of it?

The weather’s good! (You can’t say that too often in England, sadly)

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My iPhone/iPad Football Manager Game 39 – When’s the launch?

I got asked a really good question on my facebook page about when is this game going to be out? As a software developer of several decades, I loved this question. I even remember many years ago developing software for Windows getting together with other developers and brainstorming on why software is delayed, unlike projects like building a bridge. We were developing software for Windows at the time and the customers wanted all the latest gadgets built in as we went through the development. I pointed out an analogy:-

“When they build a bridge, they plan it, decide on the design, the specification, the engineering, then implement it exactly. Whereas in software, we get the equivalent of having the bridge half built and somebody coming along and saying that they have seen this great new plastic at a demo and they think it would be really good for the rest of the bridge, and that they want the second half of the bridge built with that”

– That is the equivalent of what happens with software projects, and they wonder why the overrun!