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Harry Redknapp cleared, so was my friend

So Harry was cleared. I know someone who was pursued by the revenue. Every Christmas eve they sent him a bill for several thousand pounds due for immediate payment, which he would have to wait until the New Year to have annulled. After 7 years and a tribunal he was eventually cleared. But I thought those Christmas bills were just nasty!

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SOPA and PIPA are not the way to stop Piracy

I have had my own intellectual property pirated(I have heard all the excuses and justifications). It’s tough to take, but, the solution being put through the US law process at the moment is wrong. It will mess with the Internet and damage freedom of expression. Big, powerful companies will exploit it to bully and get what they want, just as they do now with Patents etc.

Here is a good explanation of why it is bad law

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2012 the Year of Positivity

Why should it be? Because we are surrounded right now by doomsayers. The demise of the Euro, global recession, austerity measures, no future for young people, the coming year will be the worst, etc etc.
Let’s make a football analogy. If you send your team out saying they are going to lose and there is no hope, what will happen? They will lose.
But what if you say the other team is vulnerable, that if we raise our game we can beat them. Then you might just win.
The point is, inspirational leadership is needed. And we lack that right now. Leaders yes, no inspirational leaders.
So I think we have to lead ourselves. My resolution for 2012- try and see the positives and ignore the gloom merchants!! Have a great year! 🙂

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The Joy of Siri

A friend of mine has an iPhone 4S with Siri. He was talking to it the other night. “Wake me up at 7:30” he told it. His wife, who was nearby in the bedroom said angrily- “Are you talking to her or are you talking to me??!”.

.. Seems that Siri can become the “other woman”!

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The Cloud (iCloud) and Banking

It’s going to put us all through a decision. Apple are well under way with it for iOS and many other companies are adopting it. – Putting all our files on remote servers(the Cloud). Then we can synchronise different machines from it, our files are available everywhere, and when our computer fails, we don’t have to panic about whether we backed up.

But, all of our files held by someone else? Can we trust them? What if they misuse our files? What if THEY lose them? Some of these things have already happened.

I’ll tell you what I think – we’ll have to treat it like banking. We put our money in banks for them to look after for us. We trust them, but they do fail. So we spread the money around different banks to reduce the risk, and we keep some at home too, for emergencies.

So spread, and duplicate too, your important files into different clouds. Keep critical copies at home. And always think about what happens when your Cloud supplier(Bank), no matter how unlikely, fails!!



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Alex Ferguson Anger Management

Not everybody handles anger well, and I was reflecting on Alex Ferguson’s success. It always strikes me that he often seems angry, and he is well known for his “hair dryer” dressing downs of players at half time. – Another expression of anger.

Yet he is very successful. So he could be an example of expressing anger in a very positive way, like using anger at losing to drive for success. Anger can be destructive, but it can also lead to determination and drive to correct and improve. Maybe that is what Alex Ferguson depicts so well.

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Steve Jobs was a businessman

.. and yet people are moved, saddened by his passing. – Because he was so much more. Not just his involvement in great design at Apple, giving us delightful products. Not just because he was an inspiring presenter,  a great salesman, who knew how to make you want a product.

– He was key in giving us electronics products that we don’t just find useful, they are products that we have real affection for. iPhone, iPod, Mac, iPad… most people who have them really love those products. Not just usability but great style and looks.

Windows PCs you have to use, Apple products you want to use, and Steve Jobs made that. His presence will be missed.