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My iPhone/iPad Football Manager type game 82 – Sunshine and AI

You know sometimes it’s great to sit in the sun. I have red wine, a cool bar, and a pavement table. Not much of a summer this year so this is great!

I’ve been working on the AI of the teams. Adding to it. I have plenty to work with now, lots of related variables. This game has a lot of scope to evolve over time. I’ve been playing it. It’s good. But something is still missing. I can’t place it yet, but I will.

I was asked in a comment about Software Star. That was a good game too. And worth another look. I will in time I suspect, but for now I have to continue to cut my App Store teeth on this football game! 🙂


Football Manager, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Kevin Toms, The 80s

My iPhone/iPad Football Manager type game 81- Picture on the Cover??

Well no, I’m not planning that! And as you now can see in recent pictures I don’t have a grey old beard. 🙂

But the game itself, yes it is at an advanced stage now. The only problem I have is that I am still getting new ideas. But, it is just a case of continuing, continuing, continuing until it’s ready.

But I’ll say this, writing it has been an experience of re-discovery. Re-discovery of how much I just really enjoy writing computer games. 🙂





Football Manager, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Kevin Toms

My iPhone/iPad Football Manager type game 80- Will it play well??

The thing is, I can talk about it here as much as I like, but all that really matters in the end is whether the game is fun. And, it is a bit, now. I am a critical judge and I am still working on it, but I think the basis that I am looking for is there.

I am full of ideas of things to add, but I will do none of those, because if I do the game will never come out! So here’s a screenshot again. Remember these are placeholder graphics, it will get better!! 🙂

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Back to the future

Games Britannia was a real step into the past for me. There were lots of old C64s, Amstrads, Spectrums etc, playing the old games. And lots of people playing on them. Good to see. I have a few discussions with people, and one thing that crops up is that there is a similarity of those early 80s pioneering years of creating games and now. In particular, with iOS and Android, it is possible to create a game yourself, publish it yourself, and market it yourself. You are not blocked in any way from getting to market with whatever you want, or believe in as a product.
This is unquestionably true, the similarity. It is one of things I am taking advantage of with launching my new game.
The good thing is that this opening up of access to markets has unleashed creativity and innovation in games design.


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My iPhone/iPad Football Manager type game 79- Games Britannia Screenshots 2

One of the things I discussed at Games Britannia, is you are not going to be wowed by the graphics, and the screenshots themselves are even more limited. This is no great concern to me. There was nothing spectacular about the look of the stick men in Spectrum Football Manager. However, what they did was clever, and the action had meaning in the game.

These 2 elements, the action having intelligence, and it having meaning and purpose in the game, -are important to me, and I take care and time to get that right.

In many ways, I am hungry to get this game on the market, but there is a standard it has to reach, a standard I set myself. Until it reaches that standard I won’t release it.

On the other hand it is worth mentioning it is not far off now.

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My iPhone/iPad Football Manager type game 78- Games Britannia Screenshots

Well I did show those screenshots at Games Britannia. So let’s take a look at one. I’ll be honest. I have removed things from this. Until release is under way I will keep some information quiet for obvious reasons. So, taking the comparison of the new screen, with the original Spectrum Football Manager, what is different?

There is the pitch in the new one, a top view, not a pseudo 3d perspective. So, there is scope to show what is happening on the pitch. There is a box with text in it, indicating some kind of commentary, and there is a Strategy section with 3 sliders. What do these sliders control or change? Aha! My secret for now, you’ll have to guess at this stage!:)

Football Manager, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, The 80s

Games Britannia Replayed well

Games Britannia Replayed was an enjoyable experience. Thanks Mark for the invite, thanks to Miles of Sports Interactive for adding fun and entertainment to the day. And thanks to the organizers.

However, if I am going to do penalty shoots against Miles again I am going to need to practice!

It was great to meet people who knew my original games and are interested in what I am writing now. I showed some screenshots for the first time. Not exciting ones, buy maybe interesting once I explain them a bit. I’ll do that more and more in the coming weeks.

Miles answers, I wonder what to say? :)
Miles answers, I wonder what to say? 🙂
Football Manager, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Kevin Toms

My iPhone/iPad Football Manager type game 75- Screenshots soon

Screenshots, I have shown snippets before. Why I am saying soon? Well I am under the cosh to do this, working away in this gem of a northern Europe summer, lol!

I am saying this because I want to show some at the show, the show next month. I am always reluctant to show them,  because they are a work in progress until the final run in. The truth is whatever I show I might end up changing before release. But that is close now, relatively, so the changes are much reduced.

Well I’ll see what I can get together in the next couple of weeks…