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The Football Manager re-write at the Big Indie Pitch Montreal

I pitched my Football Manager re-write at the Montreal International Games Summit . What does this mean? It means the game is in playable form! Of course it is unfinished and there is a lot to do but this is a step forward.

Currently the match action is Electron/ZX81 style, but it works!

Here’s a pic of me pitching:

Football Manager 80s rewrite - pitching at the Montreal International Games Summit
Football Manager 80s rewrite – pitching at the Montreal International Games Summit 15



Google Android

Android and Java

Java is the basis of the Android platform. This means that at some point I am going to have a very deep look at that. I have been working with Java for over a decade and it is now the most familiar language for me. But it has become fiendishly overloaded with frameworks and complication over the years. A general purpose tool does as it evolves. It’s quite similar to the way Microsoft Word is now a ridiculously complex word processor when you want to write a simple letter. It is general purpose and has evolved over many years to cover many uses. Now, for most of us, there are far too many options, buttons, menus and things are hard to find.

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iPhone Development and Google Android

Someone asked me yesterday about the programming languages I know. They said “you’ve used a lot of programming languages” – I have – ” which one is your strongest?”. Objective C was my answer, the language for developing on the iPhone using XCode. But, of course I have done years of Java, it’s just that Objective C is my current language, so that is freshest. But you can’t forget all that Java. And the Android uses it, which will be interesting in the future. It seems likely that those two formats, iPhone, and Android are going to dominate the mobile market. Whilst the iPhone is great, and Apple have done a great job in many aspects with it, experience tells me that we all do better with some healthy competition.
At present Apple is definitely in the driver’s seat but Google Android will catch up fast, and that will prevent Apple getting lazy like Microsoft did with Internet Explorer etc. Consumers will benefit.