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The iPhone/iPad Market

I have recently been reading about app entrepreneurs- those who have made their businesses based around the App Store. It’s now evolved to the state where people are wondering where it’s going to go from here. Judging by my experience in the early computer games market it will start consolidating now. – Some companies will combine to gain economies of scale, and some, with weaker ideas and products, who just jumped on the bandwagon of the App Store, will disappear. Over time the market will have the stronger and the better.

But, there are differences. It’s possible to have an app in the App Store without doing much investment in it. It can just tick over and be present. So the company selling it can continue quietly.

And, whatever happens, it’s still great that individual developers with great ideas can sell direct to their customers at a low distribution cost, and therefore they don’t have to sell themselves to a publisher to get their ideas to market.

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My iPhone/iPad Football Manager Game 17 – The iPad

Yes, the iPad is an obvious improvement for the game and I will be targeting it as well as iPhone. I am delighted to have the opportunity to design for a bigger device. I look forward to enjoying relaxing times with my Football Manager game on the iPad.

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Global Game Jam – We started it in New Zealand

So, the Global Game Jam is under way. I am in the Auckland location of it right now. Great so far, I am just helping out, but good to be involved. What a great way to get people to be creative and productive, give them only 48 hours to make a game! – No project management, no politics, no prima donnas (I hope).. and no time!

(When I say we started it in New Zealand, I mean just that we started this year’s round first here, because we live in the future from most of the Rest of the World!!!) (13 hours ahead of GMT!)

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The iPad is here!!

So we now have it, we have pictures, we have information on the iPad. And it looks like Apple have got it right again. Another quality evolution of their products.

Apple iPad
Apple iPad

Steve Jobs makes few product mistakes, and this will build on the huge success of the iPhone. The price seems reasonable, it looks great, and it’s another target for games I write. Great! Love it!

Apple are having a big impact on the games market and they are contributing significantly to the resurgence of independent games developers such as myself and with that comes a flood of creativity that an open market and distribution model enables.

The growth of indie games is good for the market and good for the consumer.

Indies are by nature innovative and stretch boundaries and conventions. – More games, new ideas, better games.


Global Game Jam

Global Game Jam is coming up. I am so tempted to take part and make a game in 48 hours. But my role is to supervise this time. That means I have to tell people when the pizza arrives, where the toilets are, and that it is time for them to take a break and take a shower so the rest of us can breathe! Lol! It’s hot in there.

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My iPhone Football Manager Game 5

So now I have that part completed, robust, reliable, reusable. Now on to the next task. Still thinking about completing this, but only as a driver, an energy. It’s a case of head down, keep working towards the goal and make sure it’s good at the end of it. Today is another sunny summer day in Auckland. Good for the spirit, but I feel sympathy for people I know in Europe – snow is fun for play, but it’s cold and difficult in day to day living.