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The iPad is here!!

So we now have it, we have pictures, we have information on the iPad. And it looks like Apple have got it right again. Another quality evolution of their products.

Apple iPad
Apple iPad

Steve Jobs makes few product mistakes, and this will build on the huge success of the iPhone. The price seems reasonable, it looks great, and it’s another target for games I write. Great! Love it!

Apple are having a big impact on the games market and they are contributing significantly to the resurgence of independent games developers such as myself and with that comes a flood of creativity that an open market and distribution model enables.

The growth of indie games is good for the market and good for the consumer.

Indies are by nature innovative and stretch boundaries and conventions. – More games, new ideas, better games.


Global Game Jam

Global Game Jam is coming up. I am so tempted to take part and make a game in 48 hours. But my role is to supervise this time. That means I have to tell people when the pizza arrives, where the toilets are, and that it is time for them to take a break and take a shower so the rest of us can breathe! Lol! It’s hot in there.

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My iPhone Football Manager Game 5

So now I have that part completed, robust, reliable, reusable. Now on to the next task. Still thinking about completing this, but only as a driver, an energy. It’s a case of head down, keep working towards the goal and make sure it’s good at the end of it. Today is another sunny summer day in Auckland. Good for the spirit, but I feel sympathy for people I know in Europe – snow is fun for play, but it’s cold and difficult in day to day living.

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My iPhone Football Manager Game 4

Sometimes you start on something, and it’s a good idea. Sometimes it’s a really good piece of code that you are writing, and you know it as you write it. It does what you want to do, well. Then you start using it, you have created this really usable device. So you use it, and it does the job, and then you find you want it do more. So you have to add more, and rewrite it. You just want to get on, to do the next thing.

But the device, the software tool you have created, needs to be improved, refined, perfected first. .. But you just want to get on with other stuff. You can’t.

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Simple Games Design for iPhone

It’s been a few years since the most popular games were simple straightforward games. In the genre I am best known for, Football Manager games, even more so. Over time the games have got more and more complex.
But the iPhone is disrupting the pattern. It’s hard to play a complex game on the iPhone. It is a small device, and many people use it for casual relaxation. It’s not the best device for hardcore games. The market for games on the iPhone is evolving fast. Nobody knows what is going to work long term. With every successful game on the iPhone comes an examination of what makes it successful. This is so that people can work out what they need to do to make theirs successful
In Design, as well as Games Design, simplicity that works is the hardest to achieve, – harder than complexity. Simplicity being harder to achieve than complexity is not intuitive. If you look around at design however, you will notice that the most successful designs are surprisingly simple. – Or at least they seem to be when you look at them after they are done.

The Mona Lisa smile is not difficult for an artist to paint. But, to create it the first time?

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iPhone Games – back to the people

What a fascinating new platform the iPhone is. Everything from the quality of the device, (the iPod Touch being equally valuable), to the way that you buy games, to the price and range of them. It’s brought back a way for independent developers to get their products easily to people, and all of the pain has been cut out of distribution by Apple. It has some of the feel of the 8 bit early games days.

And the other joy of it is the way that games are successful on iPhone by just being good games, entertaining with good gameplay. There is no domination by big budgets and big rich studios. This may change over time, but right now, it is very refreshing.