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The “Delivery”. It happened in 1984..

It was a cold evening, the wind was howling outside. I was in England, trying to relax after the busy week. Then came the call, one of THOSE calls. I knew by the pause before he spoke who it was. He took his time. “Kevin, I have a job for you, but it must be finished by Monday!”. His voice always alarmed me a little. He was a very small man, a little over 4 feet 6, and with his small frame his voice was light, sometimes you could mistake it for a young child’s voice. But there was always a tension in his voice, an air of demand. It was like a child wanting to get his way, except this man was much more threatening than any child.

“Monday he said, at the latest!”. He described the job to me. I didn’t want to do it, and under time pressure too. I didn’t have a choice. I owed him. Something he never let me forget. And he took his payback, frequently. This time the job didn’t seem so bad. My weekend would be gone. But I could do this one.

So I made plans, thought it through. If I kept sharp, kept focused, I could set it up Saturday, and make the “delivery” on Sunday.

It was a tougher assignment than I thought. There were problems. Unexpected people “in the way”. But I “sidestepped” them. By late Saturday night the set up was in place. A good night’s sleep, Sunday was going to be a long day….

And so it was, this assignment was nothing more than a hard grind, laying low, my only focus to get the job done as painlessly as possible. It’s true, other people suffered. I kept away from some others, I didn’t want them to see me in this world, see what I really did.

By Sunday midnight, it was complete, I’d done the man’s bidding. I called. “Good” he said, with little appreciation in his voice. “You did good”.

Did I want to do good for this man? -Maybe one day I’ll have a choice….

– Well it wasn’t quite like that but I was reminded on Twitter that in 1984, I wrote a game for a computer magazine that was published as a listing. It was called

“European Championship Cup”.

I did write it over one weekend, under time pressure to deliver!! 🙂

You can see about it here, and

and try it online here!

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Real Madrid, Barcelona and football in bars

Live football is great! I love being at matches. But my second choice for this is watching in a good bar with atmosphere and a bunch of fans. I recently watched Real Madrid beat Barcelona in Madrid in a bar. El Clasico surrounded by Real fans. Real won, a very happy night for Madrid. The streets later were full of fans, police supervising them. Car horns, cheering from everywhere, great.

Two moments I remember well. A very keen female Barcelona fan, positioned for a perfect view of the screen, passionately angry if anybody stood in front of her.

And, the best moment- when Barcelona scored, a Barcelona fan ran in from outside the bar, quickly jumped up and down and cheered, and ran straight back out again.. great 🙂


Central Madrid, Police and fans after Real win El Clasico!

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The Joy of Siri

A friend of mine has an iPhone 4S with Siri. He was talking to it the other night. “Wake me up at 7:30” he told it. His wife, who was nearby in the bedroom said angrily- “Are you talking to her or are you talking to me??!”.

.. Seems that Siri can become the “other woman”!


AC/DC Rock break

Everybody needs fun, and AC/DC last night was exactly that, 50,000 people on a warm summer evening in Auckland.

*Great Band performance * Great guitar * Loud * Black T Shirts * Bare breasted women * and the constant smell and smoke from the world’s most popular cigarette!! – As Brian Johnson said about the smoke – “you’re making yourselves happy, you’re making me happy!” Lol!

AC/DC Auckland 2010
AC/DC Auckland 2010