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How much did Arsene Wenger lose it?

Arsene Wenger has looked strained, frustrated, angry. If I saw someone at work like that I would say they are having troubles at home. A Football Manager is the leader of his team, he is there to inspire. It was years ago now that Kevin Keegan lost his cool in the title run in and his team didn’t make it.

The question is, does it rub off on the players? Do they get more nervous? Do they feel more pressured and make more mistakes like anyone under pressure and stress at work.

Was it time to give the players a break, take them away to the sun for a couple of days, and get some life perspective? If you think that winning is not the most important thing, are you more likely to win?

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6 hours of football

I just watched about 6 hours of football from the Premier League. It’s good to see how competitive it all is, with top flight managers and players straining to be at the top of their game, straining to win, or survive.

People say the footballers are overpaid and not committed, but when I watch these matches, and see the players’ effort and battling attitude, I can’t see that at all.

Football, Premier League

You gotta feel sorry for Arsene Wenger

So you are the manager of one of the best club teams in the world. Not only do you have a great squad of footballers, but you also have a great backroom team of professionals supporting them.
Like any business, you know the rules, the framework of the environment you work within and you prepare accordingly.
Then with one excessively strict reaction by a referee whose job it is to enforce the rules, Robin van Persie gets send off and the game is changed. And there is no appeal, no correction. In fact if you complain you get punished.
I was trying to think of an analogy. -If you got a tax bill that was high and unfair due to an overly strict tax official, at least you would have a chance to appeal.

Having to pay a price even though you know it’s wrong, with no right of appeal to change what happened- that’s hard to swallow.


Ecstatic goals…

How ecstatic, how fine is that moment, when the ball leaves the feet of one of your favourite players and flies in a dead straight line from outside the penalty area, past the desperate stretching leap of the goalkeeper and hits the back of the net.

Isn’t Football at that moment, the Beautiful Game??!


Great passing, great goals

I was watching Arsenal playing Birmingham and I was thinking that for years Arsenal have been a great team to watch. Their technical skills and fluid passing have always been key to that.

Spain in the last World Cup were exceptionally skilled and their close inter passing was a joy to see. But sometimes they seemed to go sideways with it.

When you combine great passing with great goal scoring you get the best of football. I was also wondering which teams through the years have not just been winners, but also great to watch, even for neutrals?