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Dumb Fergie?

In my Clever Fergie post I was right it seems to question his mind games with Manchester City. It did not pay off and maybe wound up the very talented players that City has to show him how important they are?

Football remains forever fascinating…


Football, Premier League

Clever Fergie

The Biggest Club Game in World Football- he said. And he pointedly ignored the upcoming game against Man City by saying that. Is it clever though? Often Managers and coaches wind up opponents. But, managers also get better results by winding up their players so they perform with more fire, more determination.

So the question is, was Fergie being clever winding up the City players, indirectly? Does this mind game work? We shall see.

Football, Premier League

Do you remember free football?

There was a time when you could watch top flight football from the UK on normal TV. BBC and ITV. No satellite subscriptions, you didn’t have to go to a pub to watch. When you saw news items about a match, they showed the action, – they weren’t barred from doing that.

Is it better now? Did the money that poured in from exclusive licensing of TV coverage make football better? What have we gained? In Germany the local communities, the fans, own the clubs. Isn’t that the way it should be. Isn’t it the fans that count in the end?

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F*&#ing transfer window!

– I am sure that is the way many managers talk about it. An artificial pressure and rush. Brinkmanship by players and agents to extract more money, and no time to get the strategy right.

Does it really help as intended? I doubt it, it’s just created different problems.

I’d abolish it.


Nothing to think about when scoring goals

So, you are in front of goal, just the goalkeeper to beat. What increases your chances of scoring?

Just taking the shot, that’s all. Top attacking players are capable of scoring from any angle. So why do they miss?

They think about it, that’s all it takes to go wrong. When you are confident, you just shoot, and you’ll score. When you have on your mind you may not, you think about it, and that’s moment’s hesitation in a fast moving game like football is all it takes, for the opportunity, and your readiness, to pass…

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You gotta admire Carlos Tevez

The man is hugely talented as a footballer, yes, but he is also a great leader of men, albeit now on the football pitch. What really sets him apart in my mind is his open sense of humanity. He displays passion and dedication but also cares about his children and is prepared to change his life for that.

If he doesn’t end up in some leadership role in business, football, or politics after football, I will be surprised.