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Football Team Coach is on the App Store

It is there, at last! 🙂 For me, this is the start of a new game development. I am very happy that it is now out to the world :). If you watch the video you will get the sense of the retro feel and the link back to the original Football Manager, the million seller I wrote. This game is also completely written by myself alone. And, of course it is a lot of fun! 🙂

It is on the App Store here

Football Team Coach

Why I am looking forward to game updates

When I wrote the original Football Manager, all those years ago, and for most games I have written, they are manufactured on disc or whatever, and sent out. This means there was stock at the retailer, and producing a new version could mean that stock had to be discounted, losing retailers money.

The App Store model, which I like in many ways, has eliminated these issues. And it has a big plus for me, as a games designer. I evolve my games. I plan something, implement it, then it gives me ideas to improve it, and I make the changes and the loop happens again. In this way the game continually improves. Now the App Store allows me to update the game. And I can improve it even for people who already own it. This is great as far as I am concerned!

The beta versions of Football Team Coach went through 4 iterations. Each one improved the game, and now I am waiting for Apple to review it for the App Store. Once they have, and it is live I will continue improving it. I already have the first update partly written.

For me, as a games designer, it is how I want to work 🙂


Football Team Coach

Premier League season ends, Football Team Coach season begins …


I am quietly waiting for Apple approval to release the game on the App Store. I am really looking forward to it being out there. As I said before it is a new beginning for me, and I am looking forward to more development of the game.

I play Football Team Coach myself, and enjoy it. That is something I look for, that the game reaches a level of play where I want to play it too. In the game I am playing I am currently 3rd in the 2nd Division. I won 4-2 away at Middlesborough. You would think it would be easy for me, because I wrote the game and know how it works. But I write games so that it is not that way. I have an advantage, but the AI is complex and subtle enough that it is not predictable. And that is how it should be!

For Android owners: I have already started on the Android, but there is a lot to do!