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Football Team Coach is on the App Store

It is there, at last! 🙂 For me, this is the start of a new game development. I am very happy that it is now out to the world :). If you watch the video you will get the sense of the retro feel and the link back to the original Football Manager, the million seller I wrote. This game is also completely written by myself alone. And, of course it is a lot of fun! 🙂

It is on the App Store here

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The Grindstone and I

So it is three years now
I’ve been writing this game
A big part of my life
And it won’t be in vain
It’s nearly complete now
Just a bit more work
It will be a battle
But I’ll get there yet
So will it be fun?
As good as before
Another FM
And never a bore
Well nobody knows this
Except maybe me
And I am so pushy
About what it should be
And it’s me that I’m pushing
To get it all right
And the time that is needed
Is just out of sight
So back to the grindstone
And maybe the lathe
To cut a good game out
And the project to save!


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Name that game

I was thinking of the game name this morning. I originally called my game Football Manager. Funnily enough, a certain other company is now using that name for their football game. So I was wondering what you all think I should call the new Football Manager game from me. I have asked this before but I would like to have some fun with this.

So, what would you call it?

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My iPhone/iPad Football Manager type game 87 – Errors are boring

Well not really, I am doing another revamp of the error handling. Sometimes I get brilliant ideas, well that’s what I think they are at the time lol! With the error handling I created a sophisticated flexible system that will elegantly handle errors in the code and produce valuable information. (<–Warning, smelly cow droppings alert!)

I thought I had produced simplicity and elegance:

But in fact I had produced this:


.. And I have been re-engineering it back to simplicity regularly since!

Football Manager, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Kevin Toms

My iPhone/iPad Football Manager type game 86 – Demonstrating the game

I demonstrated the game to a couple of friends, let them try it. Found a new couple of bugs as expected. It was also a chance to see if someone can work out what to do without help. It needs more work on that, but that was expected too. It’s good to at least having it functioning well enough to demonstrate the game and its structure by someone trying to play it!


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Writing Football Manager, talking about it,writing Football Manager, talking about it

So I’ll be talking about 30 years since writing Football Manager at the Spectrum 30 event in Cambridge on Saturday. I am looking forward to it, I love meeting people, and it feels like going to a ZX Microfair which is being revived there.

When I think about these things, I can think of many things to say, but I have to try to stay on topic :).

Completing this game now, will certainly feel like closing a loop!


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My iPhone/iPad Football Manager type game 84 – Coffee(Red wine?) in the Grand Place

So I finally did what I wanted to do. Part of this game has now been developed in the Grand Place in Brussels. In a coffee shop overlooking the square and those great buildings! What I was working on was some of the animation pieces that I decide to add just recently. So it’s still a case of just keep working working I know what I’m aiming for and I know when I get there.

This game has taken some stamina!

My work place…