How I bankrupted Torquay, by a hair’s breadth

I test the outer reaches of Football Star Manager, doing things like playing recklessly to see what happens. Ok that is my excuse for getting into Division 2 with Torquay 124 million in debt…


The credit maximum in Division 2 is 125 million so this was risky. I had sold a lot of players to cut costs and that meant defeats on the pitch. I was close to relegation….


1 game to go and only 1 point above the relegation zone. Relegation would be bankruptcy as in Division 3 the maximum debt to avoid bankruptcy is only 50 million! My next match watch against Palace…


A reasonable chance of winning, especially at home, and …


Scraped through on an early goal! And I needed it because Southend won!..


Survival! Dreams of end of season bonuses and a fresh start in the new season..


Finances, well..


But I was safe, or so I thought, the season had not ended, there were outstanding cup matches to clear…


Aargh, another week to pay for…


I did not make it, I was fired!!!





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