Football Team Coach is all my own work

Football Team Coach- the game is all my own work. I created the games design, made every design decision, and wrote every line of code. It took a long time and it took a lot of work. I adapted many times and I learned many things along the way. And now it is here! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Football Team Coach is all my own work

  1. All the best with everything mate. It sounds like it has been a long hard mountain to climb but am so glad you have nearly got there. I do go on a couple of other footy game related blogs and will drum up interest on them as we are mainly older game players and none of the Football games would be what they are today without you.

  2. When I first saw your original game running on a ZX Spectrum at a friend’s house, I was struck dumb by the massive idea… running a football squad… a dream job yeah? We spent weeks on end never even venturing outside. I can honestly say it was the turning point for me with regards games… I even finished up writing one myself!

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