Real players, real player data. I got as

Real players, real player data. I got asked if I was going to use real players and real player data in the game. It started me thinking why anyone would ask that? I thought well, it is some kind of criteria to judge a game. But is it really a relevant question? What do you really want from a game, a football management game? You want it to feel real to you when you play it, and you want it to be fun. Taking the “real player data” criteria- I could have details, bios, tracking of performances in real matches, etc, but if the game I created around that was no fun, if it felt like just a simulator it would not be worth it.

In real life a football manager’s job has dull boring, tiring parts to it. So to make it real I would need to include dull, boring, tiring parts to the game. I think my point is clear?

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