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Name that game

I was thinking of the game name this morning. I originally called my game Football Manager. Funnily enough, a certain other company is now using that name for their football game. So I was wondering what you all think I should call the new Football Manager game from me. I have asked this before but I would like to have some fun with this.

So, what would you call it?

10 thoughts on “Name that game

  1. Hello Kevin

    I was one of your original FM pre market testers for ZX Spectrum. Why not call the new launch Football Manager Extreme ?

  2. simply “football manager rebooted” kev. u see the football/computer analogy i did there??! hehe. hope you’re well kev. 😉

  3. I would just be happy to see just “Kevin Toms’ Football Manager 2012” etc. It is always going stir a lot of nostalgia with a certain generation of people. But if your going for a big commercial push how about “Angry Managers” or “Angry Fergusons” maybe “Cut the Wages” or “Bejeweled Footballers” or even for some of todays footballers “Where’s my Dummy”

    Kind Regards


  4. As a ZX Spectrum user who grew up Football Manager, I was delighted to find out (via Retro Gamer magazine) that you are planning an IOS version of the game.

    As already suggested, “Kevin Toms’ Football Manager” would be my choice, although I guess that may be problematic given that another company now have ownership of the “Football Manager” brand title.

    What about “Kevin Toms’ Football Management”?

    Well, all the best with the venture. Looking forward to seeing this one in the Apple Store!

  5. You’re the only developer of the 80’s, whose name I still know after 30years. And that’s because your name and your face were always on the cover. So why change things that have worked for so long? It should be called “Kevin Toms Football Manager” and there has to be your face on the cover and on the starting screen.

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