Games Design, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, The 80s

Back to the future

Games Britannia was a real step into the past for me. There were lots of old C64s, Amstrads, Spectrums etc, playing the old games. And lots of people playing on them. Good to see. I have a few discussions with people, and one thing that crops up is that there is a similarity of those early 80s pioneering years of creating games and now. In particular, with iOS and Android, it is possible to create a game yourself, publish it yourself, and market it yourself. You are not blocked in any way from getting to market with whatever you want, or believe in as a product.
This is unquestionably true, the similarity. It is one of things I am taking advantage of with launching my new game.
The good thing is that this opening up of access to markets has unleashed creativity and innovation in games design.


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