Football Manager, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Kevin Toms

My iPhone/iPad Football Manager type game 68 – The run in

The run to the Premiership title has been fascinating, Mancini vs. Ferguson. I am on my own run-in to completion. It took a few days after my break to get back to momentum but now I am. It’s about function, yes, getting more pieces working as planned, step by step, but mostly now, it’s about the gameplay. The focus, the priority from now, is entertainment. I have to spend the time available on tasks that boost the entertainment, that is the priority strategy.

I’ll be asked how long more to go, and I won’t give a commitment of course. There is no point in disappointing people. This is creative work, and it doesn’t always work to a schedule.

But I like what I am producing, I like what is there.


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