Football, Premier League

Goal Scoring ecstasy

I saw a Manchester City fan interviewed on TV. He was not a young guy. He said when Yaya Touré scored the first goal against Newcastle it was the best moment of his life. I thought to myself “I hope he’s not married with kids’, because I can imagine his wife’s questions about their lives after seeing it- “What about us, getting married, having children?” etc. 🙂

But, watching the match, when they showed the fans after Manchester City scored, they were truly, intensely, ecstatic. – More than the usual at a goal being scored.

Clearly not only were they massively relieved, they also could see it coming true, that they would no longer be in the shadows of Manchester United and could actually win their first league title in 44 years.

I don’t blame them, I would react the same!

I also think Mancini was clever with his pronouncements that Manchester City could not win it, until after this match, he was saying that. It struck me as a good way to motivate star players who have everything they want, to prove him wrong.

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