Euro 2012, Football Manager

New England Manager, new target

So Roy Hodgson is the new England manager. He knows he has been handed a difficult job. Why? Because he knows Harry Redknapp was the popular choice, and he starts up against that. But the England manager is always in the firing line. And there is a certain sector of the press, a sector that loves to publicly humiliate people, who are just waiting to have a go.

So is he not as good as Harry, what is the difference? Roy Hodgson is more in the mould of Bobby Robson, who had his fair share of abuse, before eventually being treated with respect and honour. Why do I make that comparison? – Because both are polite, fairly quiet, dignified and technically astute. They both produce results rather than noise.

This is not disrespect for Harry Redknapp, who is a great manager and people person. And it seems to me he has not been treated well in this. He may not have been the right choice, though he was a popular one. But was he consulted, or more to the point, called along the lines of “We know people want you Harry, but this is what we are doing..”. Or was he just ignored, i.e. not so subtly put in his place. I don’t know the facts but, Harry’s comment-

“Life couldn’t be better, the sun’s shining, my health is good, I’m a very lucky man” – is true, and also sounds like a cover for disappointment. 

In the end, it is a job thing, Harry was passed over for a promotion, and Roy got the job he wanted!



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