Football Manager, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Software Development and Delivery

My iPhone/iPad Football Manager type game 66 – Functional Completion

– That is my next milestone. Not far off now, the game will have all of the main functionality I want in it. All of the components that I will build with to make the gameplay right. It’s good to be close to this.

Then a new phase will start, a phase with many repeated iterations. Each iteration will either fix a bug or improve the fun in the game. I am looking forward to this phase. The programmer in me will be working, working to clear bugs and refine how it works.

Also working will be the games designer in me. The person that knows what is needed, what next step to take, what change or tweak will make it better. This is the advantage of making it all yourself, you can do that, and I do, all the way through development. And I don’t have to try and explain the concepts, I just create them. 🙂


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