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My iPhone/iPad Football Manager type game 65 – 90% for testing

So I am filling out the functionality in the game, adding in the extra pieces that I want in there. I like it more and more. I calculated that I am just under 90% ready for testing.

There is a lot of code written, when I look at it. Sometimes I look at code, that works, and cannot remember writing it. Some of it is ready for the future, and some of it needs toughening up a bit. It’s written in Objective-C for iOS, but I have some experience of Android too, so I look at it and think what is involved in converting it to Android later. The main problem with Android when I get to it is going to be platform fragmentation. – Something that Apple have successfully minimised.

One thought on “My iPhone/iPad Football Manager type game 65 – 90% for testing

  1. As long as you get it working for Samsung Note or Asus Transformer I’ll be happy;)
    If you need any help testing on Android Kev, I would be more than happy to oblige.
    Keep going, sounds like the finish line is in sight.

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