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My iPhone/iPad Football Manager type game 64 – New and important

OK, I have been working hard on this new piece. A friend of mine is a designer and he tells me part way through a project he generally makes a big unplanned change, that makes it much better. And he agonises over whether he should.

I did, but I knew I needed to make the change, I worked on it, built the design, the algorithms, the intelligence, and now it’s nearly all in. And I can step back and say yes, it’s a big improvement.

Like all these things, it doesn’t come out of nothing. – The game I had already built gave the inspiration and told me what to improve.

This is the problem with trying to hit a deadline. I just added to the scope of the work. But it’s done now. I still have the same deadline I was working to, only now it’s not an easy deadline, like I thought it was before!! 🙂

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