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30 years ago Football Manager – Golden Joystick award

Runner up to the Hobbit, but these days, after living in New Zealand, that is kind  of nice!

Football Manager Golden Joystick


Merging an adventure game as classified with Strategy games seemed a bit odd at the time. Nice though. As time went on there were lots of versions of the game. The thing was, it was very popular. So, I was running the business, and I had to employ programmers to work with me on the conversions to other formats. The only problem coming out of this, was it was harder to write new games when I was so time starved, so busy!!


One thought on “30 years ago Football Manager – Golden Joystick award

  1. My parents bought me a ZX Spectrum for Christmas in 1983, along with a couple of games, one of which was Football manager. I was 12 years old and spent most of the morning guiding Rochdale (I think) up the leagues. I even got to the FA Cup semi-final but my dad inadvertently pulled the plug as I was preparing for the game. I was gutted!

    I loved being able to break into the code and to try and figure things out. Yes, I admit, I cheated by upping the starting bank balance.

    I also used to offload my top players before the final game as their skill values were often changed at the end of the season and I took the money while I could.

    I played a couple of other footie titles religiously; The Boss and Football Director. But Footmall manager was the first.

    Great memories Kevin.

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