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30 years ago – BBC Football Manager in the making

The BBC micro had an interesting difference. Not enough memory for Football Manager except in mode 7 Teletext mode. But the only graphics in mode 7 of use were characters made of 2 by 3 block pixels. Many Teletext images were made out of these blocky characters. But on the BBC, to create the match action, that was all there was to work with. I was proud of designing players out of this that when they moved across the screen still looked like running footballers despite the low resolution. The image doesn’t fully show it but those who had the BBC micro version will remember!

Football Manager BBC match action!!


3 thoughts on “30 years ago – BBC Football Manager in the making

  1. My best mate at primary school had a BBC Micro at home. He was my best mate because he had this game. Can’t wait for an iPhone version…you’ve got one instant customer!

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