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Simple versus Complicated Football Manager games

Which is best? I’d like to know what you think? My own view is it’s not whether the game is complicated, it’s where the complication is. It’s alright to build a game with complex software as long as the user isn’t exposed to that. A car is simple to drive even though there is sophisticated engineering underneath.  All that engineering is hidden and controls- steering, accelerator, brake, are standardised.

Games can be simple to drive too, but that doesn’t mean they are simple engineering. Creating simple to drive but fun, might be hard, but it is the right thing to aim for.

7 thoughts on “Simple versus Complicated Football Manager games

  1. Hi Kevin, re: the slipping over thing.

    How come you have to go to an office for work? I always like to think of you beavering away on the new simple super soccer management game from home in some cool attic or a chilled out basement. Basketball hoops over waste bins, one of them birds that pecks at your glass of water on the desk, magic eye poster on the wall (its a gifaffe) that sort of creative scenario.


    Kenny Fantum

  2. useful, simple and intuitive always works well from the user side of things. I loaded a football manager game on my iphone, took me some time to work out what to do (it isn’t simple or intuitive). Thought persistence would be the key, seems to take hours to prepare your team for one game, then had to sit through some tedious graphics frankly after that I didn’t care whether i won or lost the match (so not much fun or use!).
    Strategy games should be complex, but complex in the area of intuitive thinking not the user experience and enjoyment. The very first football manager game i played, your very own, it was fun and nerve wracking watching the scores changing with no graphics – but then flicking teletext on your tv box to check scores was always a lot of fun / slightly nerve wracking so the method worked well.
    I am not suggesting that a football manager game should be that basic (although i would happily buy an iphone retro version of the original football manager) but it should have that kind of essence to it that an armchair fan/football manager can relate to,


  3. Sorry in answer to your question it should be simple to play and fun. Lets face it all the biggest selling games on the Iphone are simple to play and fun, with a bit of strategy. A football manager game that takes into consideration what the smartphone market really wants already has a unique selling point as the current ported PC strategy games haven’t really succeeded.

    I guess the IPAD will have a slightly different kind of market which those games will work better on.

    All the best.


  4. Kevin

    I’m a long term admirer of your original groundbreaking football management simulations. I am trying desperately to secure funding for a new app for Iphone and Android operating systems so can empathise with your plight.
    although I have no real programming ability myself, I have applied to the council and various development funds for aid but with zero results.

  5. iPhone needs a simple footy management game like your games from the 80’s that I love playing…even now.
    I don’t want to be spending hours dealing with complicated crap on my phone. Simple = addictive in my book.

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