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..And you can’t get a steak before 12 at Manchester Airport

So I had to wait a while at Manchester airport. I was sent to the wrong terminal and did a lot of walking. I was hungry, had missed breakfast. So I went to the cafe there. Signs were up. Full English Breakfast etc. – that caught my eye. Then I saw Steak and Chips – that was my choice.
So I went to the counter, another sign saying “Steak and Chips” listed with the other food options. “Steak and Chips please” I said.
“Not until 12 o’clock” the man behind the counter said. “It’s 17 minutes to!” I said in desperation.
Realising I had a point, (there was nothing on the signs saying it had to be midday before you could get it), the main said “give me 5 minutes, I’ll get it for you”. So I assume he went to negotiate with the Chef, I don’t know..
The steak arrived at my table just after 12. Service eh?

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