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My iPhone/iPad Football Manager game 51 – Two types of code

I have realised that there are two types of code I write with this game:

Type 1- the problem is defined, I have to work out how to program it, knowing what I want to achieve. It’s possible to estimate roughly how long it will take.

Type 2-code subject to games design. I know roughly what to write. I do that, then change it, tune it, modify to get the best fun, and the best control. Maybe I’ll simplify the original idea. – This can go on for ages, but it is worth it!!

2 thoughts on “My iPhone/iPad Football Manager game 51 – Two types of code

  1. Hi Tom,

    The origional FM game is like a piece of cultural heritage, its an iconic part of an 80’s childhood in the UK.

    As I’m fundamentally opposed to ageing, i still play FM from time to time on my laptop using an electron emulator and in fact my 8yr old son likes playing it as much as any of the new fangled football tings on his games console.

    Can’t wait for the iphone version I’m sure it will quickly become my prefered passtime for the weekly long train journeys.

    Do you have an ETA for the iphone version?

    1. Thank you for your comments. I am fundamentally opposed to ageing too, so I agree with you. Glad to hear you are getting a new generation into it. When? 3rd quarter.

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