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Russia and Qatar World Cup

Well that’s gonna be different! Cool in Russia, spread over thousands of miles. Very hot in Qatar, small nation. Football spreads its influence further. England sabotages itself before the vote, in several ways. Corruption allegations, but then FIFA reports to no-one, so who could do anything about it anyway.

Unexpected result. Good perhaps for spreading the football market further.

2 thoughts on “Russia and Qatar World Cup

  1. Wow, you’re more magnanimous than most.
    I suggested to a friend that the Clangers should go for 2026, Blatter would surely want the world cup on the moon sooner than in a stable and tournament-ready country like England.
    Football’s scope is already global without FIFA taking it to, how should I put this, Uber rich nations, and this only smacks of pocket lining, not some evangelical mission.

    Love your work by the way Tom.

    1. Who’s Tom? 🙂 I am often called that. FIFA polices itself, regulates itself. We can see many times in life what self regulation produces. – Careful avoidance of doing anything that does not suit their own interests, lack of real enforcement, and sensitivity to criticism. FIFA itself is unregulated by any country. Only if it breaks a national law can anyone intervene. So they can do what they like mostly, and maybe only the press can try to intervene!

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