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My iPhone/iPad Football Manager Game 42 – De-lousing

Well the technical term is debugging, but the effect of this one was lousy. It was one of the bugs that doesn’t just happen. It happens as a side effect of other side effects! Painful to track. Spent the afternoon on it. And all I got for several hours of effort is a debugging dialogue box no longer appears.

In reality I was delighted to fix it, it’s all progress to completing the game.. each fix is another step down that road.

3 thoughts on “My iPhone/iPad Football Manager Game 42 – De-lousing

  1. Debugging is a curious beast. I spent most of this week battling a code octopus but despite the apparent lack of progress evident via the GUI I know how much quality has been injected behind the scenes.

    That said, I would imagine it’s a little more satisfying to test/fix on a game aimed at a commercial market than an internal system unlikely to bring much joy to its users!

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