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Man City 131 Man U 31

I just watched Alex Ferguson talking about Kamikaze transfer fees distorting the transfer market. Manchester City have apparently spent 131 million which is 100 million more than Manchester Utd. How time have changed! Who’s got the most money now?

This has been going on for decades, I can remember when the 1 million pound figure was a breakthrough for a player. Trevor Francis was it? But now, football is such a big sport it’s an ego trip for very rich people, like America’s cup yachts. It’s little to do about being able to get a return on the investment. I think Real Madrid has always run this way?

Ferguson is right it is Kamikaze from a business point of view. But if you are so rich it is toy you are playing with, you are happy to throw the money away. It’s like the average man betting 20 pounds on his team winning on a Saturday. He can afford it if they don’t and it is more fun.

One thought on “Man City 131 Man U 31

  1. Apparently an Indian businessman is lining up a £300m bid for Blackburn Rovers. He says he has never been to Blackburn and knows little about the club. He’s just one more super-rich guy wanting to run a club for fun, whereas the rest of us have to make do with Football Manager!

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