One thought on “Finishing a game

  1. Hi!

    I just wanted to thank you (or curse you) for the sheer number of hours of my life I spent playing Football Manager on the Spectrum 48k!

    When all the local kids were outside playing, I was lying on the floor in my parents’ dining room, playing FM on a spectrum and a 14″ CRT TV.

    It was your game that started me off and I’ve been addicted to Football Manager games ever since.

    I even started a website yesterday so that I can give hints and tips to “fellow football managers” that maybe haven’t spent so much time playing these games as I have.

    Like I said, I only bought the domain yesterday and I’m pretty new to this “webmaster” thing, so it looks a bit plain and shoddy at the moment, but the info inside is going to be all good advice, so hopefully a good design will follow shortly. 🙂

    Looking forward to Football Manager on the iPhone!

    Thanks again for all those hours, days, weeks, MONTHS of fun!

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