World Cup 2010, World Cup Football

Netherlands raise their game and disappoint

They did raise their game, they could have won the World Cup, but the Netherlands disappointed many people with cynical tactics and fouls. It did its job. The aim was to disrupt the Spanish game flow, and it worked. But it is not the way people want the World Cup won.

For Spain to win the World Cup, with flowing, skillful passing and technical skill, is really great for the world game. The winners of the World Cup inspire millions of players and coaches in the way they play and coach. So this will create more respect for skilled players, rather than for strength or aggression. It will create more of those kind of players.

I had both teams as teams I was following, in the final, and it was difficult to choose. So I am happy. I spent the final in a bar with dozens of Spanish, sitting at a table with 2 Dutch women and a Dane. My table was unhappy. The rest of the bar was wild! Lol!

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