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No suffering watching the Kiwis

I suffered watching England in the middle of the Hong Kong night.  Then I had the joy of not having to be up at night to watch New Zealand play Italy. New Zealand time it was starting at 2am. But I watched it in London at a great sports bar with giant screens. The best way. The Kiwis raised their game again, and deserved the draw against the odds. It was heroic football, and they could have won it even. We have seen a lot in New Zealand of Ricki Herbert who also coaches the Wellington Phoenix who play in the Australian A league. And they have been getting amazing average 17,000 attendances which is better than many UK clubs.

With the New Zealand team, it’s a combination of great team organisation and tremendous team spirit! -Something the big teams could learn from with their temperamental stars.

One thought on “No suffering watching the Kiwis

  1. the lads were so close to winning it at the end. i had to apologise to all the people working nights in my block of flats because that shot was sooo close.

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