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My iPhone/iPad Football Manager Game 39 – When’s the launch?

I got asked a really good question on my facebook page about when is this game going to be out? As a software developer of several decades, I loved this question. I even remember many years ago developing software for Windows getting together with other developers and brainstorming on why software is delayed, unlike projects like building a bridge. We were developing software for Windows at the time and the customers wanted all the latest gadgets built in as we went through the development. I pointed out an analogy:-

“When they build a bridge, they plan it, decide on the design, the specification, the engineering, then implement it exactly. Whereas in software, we get the equivalent of having the bridge half built and somebody coming along and saying that they have seen this great new plastic at a demo and they think it would be really good for the rest of the bridge, and that they want the second half of the bridge built with that”

– That is the equivalent of what happens with software projects, and they wonder why the overrun!

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