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Avram Grant – running Portsmouth

I was just reading his comments about being prevented from buying players, and well, really, having failure forced upon the team. They are strange rulings in their effects- deducting points and preventing the transfers of players as a way of punishing teams in financial trouble. They are strange because, whilst there has to be some punishment, these rules seem designed to make matters worse.

Forcing a club down the table by deducting points, (and even forcing relegation), which reduce a club’s income, sponsors and attendances, creates a vicious circle which digs them into worse financial trouble.

2 thoughts on “Avram Grant – running Portsmouth

  1. They are in trouble because they spent money they didn’t have.

    In some cases it wasn’t even ‘imaginary bank money’ because they didn’t even hand the cash over they spent.

    It’s not fair on the other teams playing fair.

    I support Wolves and we are fighting against Portsmouth and West Ham who spent beyond their means and then magically were able to continue.

    I’ve lost count of the teams over the last 10 or 15 years who have done this and survived. Leeds are the only ones who suffered real penalties and had to start living within their reduced means pretty much all the others got off scot free and many did the same thing all over again.

    As a supporter of a team that went within seconds of non-existance in the 80’s I wouldn’t wish that on anybody but the reason teams like Chester City are blinking out of existance is because right at the top of the game both the Manchester teams, Chelsea, Portsmouth and West Ham etc are spending money they don’t have and in the case of the last two might not ever have which inflates the market right to the bottom.

    Portsmouth should get the points deducted because they went into admisistration. In fact they should also get points deducted for next season for the way they didn’t acept the penalty immediately. And more importantly they should have been banned from buying players because they took players from at least two teams and didn’t pay the installments they agreed even months late. Other teams are going to the wall because others are run like criminal enterprises.

    With a bit of luck Portsmouth will be back on the fringes of the top flight and having a few good cup runs in a couple of years but to say the penalties they have been given are severe is to miss understand the harm actions like this are having on other teams who aren’t spending money they can’t afford.

  2. Good points to make and this one “They are in trouble because they spent money they didn’t have.” – is sadly a prevalent problem in football. The thing that amazes me is that astute businessmen who have built business empires buy football clubs. And then they manage the clubs like financial fools, investing money that will never produce a return, quite recklessly.

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