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So Obama made it with health care

It was a brilliant piece of politics, getting the health care reforms through in the US. At times, as a British European, it can be disturbing to see some Americans view of our way of life. – The way that some of them view having a public health care system as socialism!

But the cynical rubbish told, that there will be death panels for example, is also bad. And that kind of stuff seemed to have won.

.. That Obama turned it around and got it through, with all the dirty politics that had to be done, to get the votes, is still an achievement.

Shame on politicians who were more interested in their business special interest groups than giving health care to Americans who have none.

The most advanced country in the world had so many of its own people with nowhere to get healthcare -32 million, bigger than most European countries.

It’s like half of the UK having no health service. Shameful.

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