Football Manager, Games Design, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

My iPhone/iPad Football Manager Game 31 – Look and Feel

I work on the core of the game to get that right, like concentrating on the plot if it was a movie. Similarly to a plot making a movie, if the core games design is right the game will work as intended, and be entertaining.

But the look and feel is important too. In some games there is so much focus on the look and feel that they don’t put enough into the game play itself. We’ve all seen many games like that, visually stunning and rubbish to play. It’s the same with movies, great special effects, no story worth following.

I remember seeing 2 movies one day apart. Minority Report was great Hollywood fun, with superb special effects and a giant budget. I enjoyed it but then next day I went to a film festival and saw a low budget subtitled movie about the lives of the fans of a Danish football club. The Danish football movie was much better, with a good story, great characters and feeling you had experienced something in people’s lives.

So back to the point, any images I show of the game are rough and ready. I’ll polish up the look later!


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