Games Design

This simple game

So my original Football Manager game was a simple game, but much loved. So was it really simple? Well yes it was easy to learn and easy to play. But it was subtle, subtle in the way it affected you. And it had a lot of range, a lot of different scenarios and things that could happen to you, in the framework of something that you could understand quickly and know how to use. Those design qualities are driving what I am doing now, and I was trying to think of similar things to help my inspiration to get it right. My mind went right back and although it was before my time I know it was their first hit-  “She Loves You” by the Beatles was a very simple pop song, but still is catchy to listen to today, what, nearly 50 years later!! In my era of growing up, “Cos I love you” by Slade is one I remember that was a simple song that made it to number 1. Simple but, great to listen to. And I remember them saying they wrote it in half an hour! (If only this game would be so quick!). And the endless success of popular songs are mostly based on a simple song structure that we are all familiar with and know what to expect from.

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