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My iPhone/iPad Football Manager Game 28 – Writing and Playing

As I am writing this a young lad next door is blasting out the riffs of Smoke on the Water in his garage. Deep Purple lives on! It’s well known that I like good Rock. I saw Deep Purple twice, thirty years apart and 12,000 miles apart, once in Bournemouth and not long ago in Auckland, New Zealand.

I wasn’t going to write about that, what I was going to write about was the transition in games writing where you start playing it more and writing it less. I am in that phase now. How far in I don’t know!

(I am distracted by Smoke on the Water now, can’t remember the details of what I was going to write. Uugh!)


Aah yes, it’s a key transition, where the game becomes playable and starts to absorb you. It’s one of the ways you know you have something good. One aspect I enjoy is the tuning that comes from it, where you spot things that will make it play better, make changes and try again. It’s where you build your own touch into a game and is the key difference with writing business applications. With business applications you are solving a problem, with a game you are inventing the problem to solve, quite different!

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