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My iPhone/iPad Football Manager Game 27 – Design Target

There is a design target I am working to. People comment that they enjoyed my original Football Manager, written a long time ago now. And, they would like something similar but modernised. (In some cases, they want exactly the same!). So what am I aiming at with this game? Well one thing I can honestly state is that I am aiming at simplicity, in fact you could argue minimalist. – In the sense that I intend to include only what is necessary to achieve my aims. And, my aim is targeted on the enjoyment of playing, that is my only priority. I’ll know when I have achieved that aim.

One thought on “My iPhone/iPad Football Manager Game 27 – Design Target

  1. Used to love the old game on the ZX Spectrum and have been looking for a basic type management game for the iphone, I cannot get away with the modern management games as they are far too complex for my liking. I just want to pick a team make a few transfers and play the matches (and take Sunderland or Gateshead to their rightful place in the upper echelons of the world game!!).

    Looking forward to your iphone game and I am sure it will be great. In the old game you could re-name the teams as far as I recall. Please keep that feature as I want to take Gateshead all the way to the PL and beyond.

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